REVIEW: Jackaby

I’ve been told a few times now that this series was right up my alley. An odd combination of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, I was certainly intrigued. However, it saddens me to say that it didn’t live up to the minimal hype I heard about it.

20312462I enjoyed Abigail as the narrator of her first adventure with Jackaby. She’s independent, intelligent, and sassy as hell, yet she still fit the era. She was still concerned with how the upper-class women of the town looked down their noses at her. She almost faints at her first sight of a blood-soaked crime scene. Abigail may be a woman ahead of her time, but she doesn’t feel out of place in the 1892 setting. Jackaby, himself, was also a fun character who was witty and sarcastic but also hilariously naive to the “real” world around him. He is constantly distracted by the supernatural elements that appear only to him that when Abigail grounds him back in reality, it’s quite amusing.

When it came to the story itself, I found the plot was fairly predictable (the villain is made obvious the first time he enters the story, and Charlie’s secret is also not at all subtle) and once I discovered that I knew who the murderer was, it was hard to get through to the ending.

I’ve heard good things about the other two books in the series, but if they’re at all like this first book, I don’t intend on continuing.

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