So It’s Been a Long Time…

I’ve been fairly quiet over the last few months, but that is also because I’ve been very hard a work finishing my first ever novella!

Catch Me I’m Falling was born from a drunken idea I got while with my best friend as we talked over the film The Nice Guys (dir. Shane Black, 2016). After a long time of planning and finally writing, I’m happy to say that the first case of private investigator Jude Curtis is finally available!


Set in Los Angeles in 1978, Catch Me I’m Falling follows Jude Curtis on the hunt for an intimidating stalker harassing a beautiful burlesque dancer, Shawna Torrez. Along with a snarky sidekick, Jude’s got a lot to deal with.

The novella is available as an ebook on the Kindle Store as well as a paperback through CreateSpace.

This story is the longest, original thing I have ever written (those who know me are aware of my long history as a fanfiction author) and although it may be a little rocky in places, the goal of the story – for me – was to finish it. I’m pleased with how the story came out, but I’m even more pleased with the fact that I finished writing it. I have such a hard time focusing on longer stories, so to type the words “THE END” is a huge deal for me.

I’m already starting to plan out my next big project, but I’ll be around more often now.

If you pick up the book, let me know! I’d love to hear any and all thoughts.

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