Against the Never Ending TBR Pile

There are hundreds of books published throughout the year. Thousands even. It’s a lot to take in when you aren’t an avid reader, and intimidating to those who are when it comes to staying on top of everything. But what’s important to remember is: You don’t have to read everything.


When it comes to how to pick and chose what goes on your TBR (to be read) pile, only you can chose what you want or don’t want to read. There are many reviews that begin with “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK NOW!” but if it isn’t your taste? Just don’t. There’s no point in feeling guilty over not reading the most popular book of the month or even of the year. Sometimes there are even books on your TBR pile that may go forever unread. Whether that’s because you just don’t get around to it, or you aren’t sure how you feel about it depending on reviews.

Honestly, when it comes to books, I think of them in the same way I think about movies. My to-watch list is endless and I’ll be lucky to get to half of the films and television shows on that list, but it’s also constantly changing. Some of my favourite movies have terrible reviews, and some movies with great reviews turned out to be terrible in my opinion. Just because someone is ranting and raving about a book doesn’t mean everyone will love it. And that’s okay!

This whole thing doubles back to what I was saying about reading bad books. Not every book is for everyone and I try to keep that in mind as my edit my lists. Life is too short to be worried about getting through every single book you’ve ever come across. Just read what makes you happy. Everyone has “those books” that they only want to read because everyone else has or because it’s been deemed a classic (I myself am determined to one day read the works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy’s War & Peace) but it is so important to remember that just because you haven’t read something specific, it doesn’t mean you are a lesser reader.

So what’s my point?

Read what you can. Don’t stress about numbers or Goodreads challenge goals. Be realistic with yourself and read what makes you enjoy reading. Who cares how big or small your TBR pile is? No one. It’s not a list of things you have to do no matter what. It’s a list of things you might possibly want to do one day.

And that’s okay.



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