New Year, New Challenges

2018 is here at last after the doozy of a year that 2017 was. I, for one, will not miss 2017 one bit. Now of course with the new year upon us, it brings new challenges, new goals, and – most importantly – new books!

My reading slump hit me pretty hard last year and I just barely reached my goal of 52 books – thanks Tintin. This year, I’ve set the same goal for myself which I am actually aiming to surpass with the help of audiobooks as well as physical books. Can I do it? I don’t know, but I am hoping to try. Another reading challenge of mine is no re-reads of books I’ve read within the last three years. I find that when I get stuck, I try to re-read things and then end up just stopping in the middle and letting the slump continue anyway. So only new-to-me books until 2019! Sorry, Harry Potter.

I also have other goals this year, such as completing my first draft of my first full-length  novel by the end of the year, and actually finish NaNoWriMo (but thankfully that one can wait). I love writing so much, it is honestly all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life, and I want to make more time for it. Maybe I’ll even publish some shorts throughout the year. We shall see. I know I have plenty of ideas of what to work on.

Coming up this month, I have some overdue reviews for you lot as well as some book-ish articles, page-to-screen analyses, and some other general life blogging.

But now I want to know about you! Tell me in the comments about your 2018 goals! Or your favourite reads of 2017! Whatever it is, I need more book talk in my life.

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. aggie.coutinho

    Hi Lucien. Great post. I love writing and books too!:) My goal is a sort of Personal Growth project this year which involves a lot of writing and reading. I’m writing about personal development and positive psychology a lot. Today I’ve published a post about being busy and getting on with goals for 2018 if you’d like to have a look:
    Please let me know what you think. Whats NaNoWriMo?


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