The Guilt of DNF

It’s a hard thing to do sometimes, not finishing a book. Sometimes all we want to do is a part of the hype but can’t because it turns out the book is not our taste. Book clubs, subscription box books, school assignment readings. These are all examples of books thrust upon that we may or may not want to force ourselves all the way through, but sometimes we don’t want to read a book because we don’t want to read it!

With GoodReads reading goals turning into something of a competition for some people, it’s hard to remember that it’s okay to read what you like and read for the fun of it. Life’s too short for books you don’t like and it’s okay to stop reading a book.

No one should feel the need to justify their feelings, especially when it’s interfering with something they enjoy doing. We stop reading books for all kinds of reasons; it contains trigger content, it’s poorly written, it’s offensive, or – as I mentioned above – it’s simply not in our taste.

To be completely honest, I have marked two books as “Did Not Finish” on GoodReads, and it’s only January! The one book simply wasn’t my taste in contemporary fiction, and the other had some rather explicit and triggering content within the first five or six chapters. Am I disappointed that I marked these books this way? Of course. I was rather excited to read both of them, but life is too short for books you don’t like. Sure I want to reach my 52 book reading goal, but not if I’m wasting time on things that aren’t engaging.

So don’t feel bad about giving up on a book. Don’t stress over reading goals or challenges that are meant to be a fun way to get you to do more of what you love and find books you might not have otherwise picked up. It’s not worth the pressure.

Now you have my DNF confession for the month so far, what books have you DNF-ed that you were excited about? What do you do with your books you’ve bought that you don’t finish? Let me know!

One thought on “The Guilt of DNF

  1. Arachnid Weaver

    Of the books I can remember, I recently didn’t finish The Apothecary because I didn’t like the writing style. I only got three pages into Dorothy Must Die, but they swore way too much to be tasteful. I only read 2/3 of the Matched series because the characters were highly annoying. I didn’t finish the Percy Jackson series because it was predictable. And I also didn’t finish The Finisher series and I don’t know why because the first two were really good.


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