New Stories

So I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to post new original work on Wattpad. I’ve heard about people posting fanfiction there as well as original novels and I felt it was time to join in and share my work with more people.

You can find me as Lucien Welsh over there and here is the link to my profile!

Being updated once a week if my first original Sherlock Holmes story. Set in Ireland in 1970, Sebastian Moran is a part of the IRA until a certain someone crosses his path and shows him there is more to life and vengeance than simply pulling a trigger.

You can read The Tiger of Ireland here!



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  1. Best of luck. Wattpad is hard to get recognized on.


    1. lucien welsh says:

      Thanks, Tiff. I don’t really expect to get too much out of it, but it can’t hurt to try if only for the feedback, you know?


      1. Work hard. Thats all you can do. I was suprised with them featuring my book last night .

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      2. lucien welsh says:

        That’s incredible! Congrats


      3. Thabks. I was already to leave wattpad but now this makes things complicated.

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