FEBRUARY WRAP-UP: The Good, The Okay, and The Unfinishable

February has truly been the month of Advanced Reader Copies! I managed to read seven books this month, six of which were ARCs provided by NetGalley. Along with that, it has also been a month of very high ratings as almost every book I finished was fantastic. That makes for a tricky ranking list for the month, but who cares? That just means more great novels for you to check out!


My favourite book this month actually came down to a tie, but I’m going to have to go with Tiffany Schmidt’s novel, Bookish Boyfriends. The book doesn’t come out until May, but it was such a great read for February because of how fluffy and fun it was. It’s my top read of the month because it wasn’t at all what I expected and because of that I really loved every page of it. Funny, feminist, and fantastic is how I would describe this book and definitely look forward to it’s May release date and the potential sequels we will see in the coming years.


Unraveling Oliver is at the bottom of the month here. Described to me as a Gone Girl style story of a man who has abused his wife, I was curious about the twists and turns that could possibly happen. However, this was not at all what the story was about. I enjoyed the testimonial-style of the writing as it came out from the different perspectives of several of the characters, but it was more of a character study of an abusive man with an ego problem rather than a murder mystery like Gone Girl. It wasn’t a bad read, but not the best this month.


Close seconds to top the month were The Manson Women & Me by Nikki Meredith and Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi.

As you can see in my review, The Manson Women & Me was a fascinating book of cult psychology in several different contexts while still focusing on Pat Krenwinkle and Leslie Van Houten. The non-linear format keeps you engaged and constantly thinking about how this mentality can affect anyone. A truly brilliant piece of true crime to look forward to at the end of March.

Emergency Contact was also incredible, flipping perspectives and dealing with how important it is to let people in before the weight of your baggage gets too heavy to manage. A story of growing up and handling loss, love, and mental illness, Choi’s debut novel is another to keep an eye out for when it releases the end of March.


  • The Wren Hunt (ARC) – Mary Matson

Reason: I finished the first chapter but just felt like something was missing. Not my thing.

  • You Belong to Me (ARC) – Colin Harrison

Reason: The first chapter was so boring I actually fell asleep.

  • Macbeth (ARC)- Jo Nesbo

Reason: Tried to establish far too many characters far too quickly which made things very confusing. Also used the full chemical names of the drugs being trafficked every time which got really dull to read.

  • Diary of a Femen (ARC) – Michel Dufranne

Reason: The point is about the struggles women face in society, but it’s so in-your-face with the sexism AND homophobia it made me very uncomfortable.

  • The Return of Moriarty – John Gardner

Reason: The timeline was all over the place which made things very confusing which is a shame because I was really looking forward to reading this one.

Complete February Read List

  • Bookish Boyfriends (ARC) – Tiffany Schmidt
  • the witch doesn’t burn in this one. (ARC) – Amanda Lovelace
  • Unraveling Oliver (ARC) – Liz Nugent
  • Herding Cats (ARC) – Sarah Andersen
  • Emergency Contact (ARC) – Mary H.K. Choi
  • The Manson Women & Me (ARC) – Nikki Meredith
  • The Vile Village – Lemony Snicket
* ARCs – Advanced Reader Copies – were provided by NetGalley

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