Day 1: Leia & Amilyn

It’s officially May 1st and that means it’s Star Wars Month! Every day this month I’m going to talk about a different topic in the Star Wars universe and am so excited to geek out about this.

To kick things off, it’s only fair the first topic is the galaxy’s favourite princess and general, Leia Organa (and her dear friend Amilyn Holdo, of course).

Leia is a true inspiration when it comes to badass ladies of science fiction. She starts out as a 19-year-old princess of a thriving inner world planet and ends up not only running her own rescue but leading the Resistance and the New Republic without a second thought! She has never been one to lie back and expect things to come her way just because she is a princess. She has always worked hard to gain trust, respect, and a place in people’s hearts as someone to care about as she cares for them.

Although I wasn’t a major fan, in Claudia Gray’s Leia: Princess of Alderaan, we see more of how Leia was prior to her involvement with the Rebellion. We see her struggle to get her parents to trust her with their secret plans, she is resourceful when she begins to dig for information on her own, and she comes cares for people despite how different, strange, or rude they are to her. A friendship I admired in the novel was the one Leia shares with Amilyn Holdo – the strange junior ambassador from Gatalenta.

Amilyn is like that strange art kid who is chill about everything, so different from her adult self in The Last Jedi but you can still see the love between her and Leia in the few moments they share on screen together. Although her role in The Last Jedi was mostly vague and – at times – strange, her role in the book is the positive side of things when Leia gets bogged down with worry and doubt. She is there to help and encourage in her own strange way and I truly enjoyed her character.

The bond people share is such a huge part of the Star Wars universe, that it’s so nice when two of the few female characters really get to have one.


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