Day 2: Padmé Amidala

The prequel trilogy gets a lot more flack than it deserves in my opinion. No, they aren’t as clear cut as the original trilogy – aka. there’s a lot more political lingo rather than “those are the bad guys, shoot them” – but that doesn’t make them less enjoyable.

queen-amidala.jpegHonestly, my favourite part about the prequel films is Padmé. I remember being a kid and just wanted all the 3.75″ figures of her in all her different costumes (especially any figures of her infamous big hair – red gown outfit), and even had the giant Naboo Starship from Episode I. In my seven-year-old not-yet-trans brain, I wanted nothing more to be just like Padmé.

So let’s talk a little bit about our favourite queen and senator!

Queen at 14, reining senator at 19, Pamdé has always been a bad ass. She throws her all into taking care of her home planet and ensuring that she’s making the best decisions for her people. She’s one of the few people to admit that the Separatists are making good points (poorer worlds are starving, etc.) and is vocal about wanting to make peace and make changes people deserve. She holds onto her beliefs even when Anakin is questioning her and calls him out for trying to mansplain his opinions on the government.

Although, I don’t think that’s the best part about Padmé. My favourite aspect of her personality was always her closeness with her handmaidens. They’re all willing to sacrifice themselves for her as a queen and a senator, and she is willing to do the same as she rushes to their sides (specifically Cordé in Episode II) or straight into danger to help defend those in need.

And thus concludes opinions on Padmé!

What’s your favourite outfit she’s worn?


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