#JulyBookstagram18 Day 2

Posting this a little bit late today as the Canada Day long weekend has me a bit behind schedule before I start my new day job tomorrow (woohoo!) but better a little late than never!

Today’s theme for #JulyBookstagram18 is Worst Cliffhanger Ever.


Now I honestly can’t think of any good cliffhangers with series that I have read or even cliffhangers that make me shake my fist with rage. The only thing that truly came to mind was how desperately I wanted Naruto and Sasuke’s final battle to end with some resolve. I remember reading these chapters every week online, having been translated into English by fans, and growing more and more emotional with every passing page. When it finally ended, and Naruto: Shippuden was released, I was relived to know that no matter the result of the first series, there would be more. That Sasuke would get his chance at redemption yet again.

That’s the biggest, most hard-hitting cliffhanger that I was left with. What was going to happen in the three year gap? Who was Sasuke going to be? Where was Naruto going to go?

A gajillion years later, I wasn’t disappointed. But still.

What was the cliffhanger that hit you the hardest?

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