A Little Update

So I’ve been working hard this week and have successfully posted at least once every day this week (so far). And I hoping to try and keep a schedule of at least three times a week for posts and reviews.

That being said I have a question for everyone: What kind of content are you looking for in a book/writing blog? What posts of mine do you like the most? Based on stats, my most popular post is my review of The Manson Women & Me so would people like more true crime?

I know for a fact, that starting in August I’ll be doing a new subscription series through an independent bookstore here in Toronto, but more on that closer to August. Either way, I’m really excited to be taking part in that.

I am also hoping to attend more talks, lectures, and Q&A’s with authors at various places in the city. I never got around to doing a write up about it, as there was a death in the family the same day, but I am hoping to eventually write about the David Sedaris signing I went to in mid-June. (A sidenote to this: If you ever see me at an event, feel free to come and say hi!)

Needless to say, new and more regular content is coming either way and I am excited to share it with all of you.


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