Don’t Fear The Big Books

One of the big focuses readers have these days is the Goodreads Challenge Tracker. Every year, countless lovers of books set their annual goals for how may books they want to read, some only setting a goal of a single book to take the pressure off, and some challenging themselves with goals of 100 books or more. For some, these triple-digit goals are commonplace, but for many, they’re a threatening presence of trying to measure up to others.

I’m someone who sets large goals and I am also someone who ends up feeling pressured to read said goals. It can be really hard to ignore this pressure that isn’t even there! No one is judging people for how much or how little they read on Goodreads, but knowing that doesn’t always make a difference.

This year I’ve dropped my goal from 100 to 80, and I’ve just dropped it again to 75.

But this isn’t about TBR lists or reading goals, it’s about being intimidated by large books.

The point of mentioning the Goodreads Challenge, is that my fear of books that are over 500+ pages take longer to read and then I end up behind schedule to reach my goals. I always feel like I’m on a tight deadline when I’m really not. Reading isn’t a race.

The thing with large books, especially fantasy or science fiction novels, is that they can also be complicated, slowing down reading times to make sure everything makes sense and leaving time to look at maps, or pronunciation guides, or timeline breakdowns, or even a cast list. There’s work involved when it comes to a lot of larger books which can also be an intimidating factor.

But what I’m trying my best to get at is that it’s okay to take your time. It’s okay to book a big book down for a minute to read something quick. Make a bigger book your “before bed” read where you only read x number of pages before turning out the lights. Read it with a friend to help motivate you through it! There are so many big books that are amazing and worth the effort it takes to read them.

What are some big books you’ve always wanted to get to but been too worried about getting through it? Let me know in the comments!

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