January Start Up

WELCOME 2019!...


Some Big Changes

I've been a little sporadic lately, but for once it's because I'm so busy rather than unmotivated. Throughout September I've been to so many author events and reading so many incredible stories, it's hard to keep up with reviews and posts, but I am hoping to change that this coming weekend and get some good... Continue Reading →

An Update

Things haven't been great the last few weeks, and as I thought things were beginning to look up, I got knocked down once again. This month was supposed to be full of fun Star Wars posts that I had had planned out for months, but - as is usual for me lately - mental health... Continue Reading →

Taking A Break

In case it wasn't obvious by my last blog post I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment. Both with reading and things in my personal life. It isn't fun and if anything, churning out reviews for graphic novels and trying to come up with blog posts is only stressing me out more. So... Continue Reading →


I don't have a witty title for this one, but I read a ton of stuff this month from non-fiction to graphic novels. All of these total to 13 books read! I've also raised my reading goal from 75 to 100 as I've been just devouring books lately and want to see if I can really challenge myself to... Continue Reading →

A Safety Net

Some sad news has been sprung today, as my contract for my day job will be ending sooner than originally planned (as in April 6th instead of April 27th). With bills to pay and a cat to care for, I'm hoping to put together a safety net of sorts to get through April while I... Continue Reading →

What would you like?

So we're a little over half-way through the month, and I'm pleased to see all this new engagement with my blog. I have some ideas of new things to post and I've got some reviews coming up shortly, but what kind of things are you guys interested in seeing? More opinion pieces? More reviews? More... Continue Reading →

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