An overview of services I provide.

Book Reviews

Request for Reviews

I am willing to provide honest reviews in exchange for a copy of your novel/novella/etc. You can find the details on this here.

Editing Services: Fiction


I am a fan and writer of fanfiction, and am not ashamed to admit that. For a lot of people, it is how they gain the confidence to begin writing their own work. As a result, I offer editing services for fanfiction of various fandoms. For a list of fandoms and more details click here.

Original Work

I am willing to edit original work of any length and any fictional genre. For more details on editing services with original fiction click here.

Scripts for Film/Television/Stage


A coverage report is a report written to analyze and grade the quality of a script. Anyone wanting a professional look and receive notes on story, marketability, and potential production value might want to consider this option. For more details click here.


Where coverage is note for the writer to make changes to help the overall product, it does not include editing. Writing a script and want a editor to look it over? Click here for details.



Ever had a great idea for a fanfiction story but don’t want to write it yourself? Let me write it for you! Details here.

Original Fiction

Along with fanfiction commissions, I am also capable of writing your original story ideas as well. Introduce me to your original characters! Show me a map of their world! Details here.