The Pressures of TBR Lists and Reading Goals

This week in TUESDAY TRUTHS, I go over feeling pressured to read hyped books and the stress caused by unconquerable TBR lists.


Writer’s Block

As any creative person can tell you, having a block in your inspiration is probably one of the worst things ever. But over coming a block and making things work in art or writing is probably one of the best things ever. Currently I'm working on something of a semi-secret fantasy series with the incredibly talented Laura... Continue Reading →


There are different kinds of slumps we can get into in our lives. Physical slumps, emotional slumps, creative slumps. They all suck and they all can be hard to get out of. What's important about slumps is not getting stuck despite our tight of a hold they may have on us. The worst thing to... Continue Reading →

Lost in Several Books at Once

A question I'm very often asked by friends is "How many books are you reading now?" and they always roll their eyes when I say three or four. Now I don't do this often, but every now and again I have as many as seven books on the go. Even currently, I'm reading three different books.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Discredit Fanfiction

The film adaptation of a third part of a series not to be named has come out, and with that people are once again blasting fanfiction, as it is a series based upon such. I, personally, despise said nameless series, but am here to defend fanfiction with my honour. So sit back and let's have... Continue Reading →

Making the Day Job Work

The toughest part about being an introverted creative type is the need to have a "day job" to support myself when I would much rather be writing. It's hard to come to terms with and I'm sure there are others who can agree that it is not at all fun. But the truth is, it's... Continue Reading →

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