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REVIEW: Hunting Charles Manson

I'm going to make this a quick review for a few reasons. The first is that this is obviously non-fiction and about Charles Manson. The second is that I was not fond of this book at all and, if I'm being entirely honestly here, I ended up skimming most of it. Having had something of... Continue Reading →


I don't have a witty title for this one, but I read a ton of stuff this month from non-fiction to graphic novels. All of these total to 13 books read! I've also raised my reading goal from 75 to 100 as I've been just devouring books lately and want to see if I can really challenge myself to... Continue Reading →

Lost in Several Books at Once

A question I'm very often asked by friends is "How many books are you reading now?" and they always roll their eyes when I say three or four. Now I don't do this often, but every now and again I have as many as seven books on the go. Even currently, I'm reading three different books.... Continue Reading →

The Guilt of DNF

It's a hard thing to do sometimes, not finishing a book. Sometimes all we want to do is a part of the hype but can't because it turns out the book is not our taste. Book clubs, subscription box books, school assignment readings. These are all examples of books thrust upon that we may or... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

It can happen quiet often, the feeling of being uncomfortable. Most times, people shy away from the feeling, never wanting to be in that state of mind. An understandable position to be in. However, there are some moments when it is a good thing to be uncomfortable, as that is the point of what we are dealing... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: By Nightfall

Michael Cunningham's By Nightfall is a story of yearning for something more. Beautifully told with the background of the the SoHo neighbourhood in Manhattan, Peter and Rebecca's lives become a metaphor for what is needed versus what is desired and the importance of knowing the difference of that. The Story Peter and Rebecca Harris are an art... Continue Reading →

Against the Never Ending TBR Pile

There are hundreds of books published throughout the year. Thousands even. It's a lot to take in when you aren't an avid reader, and intimidating to those who are when it comes to staying on top of everything. But what's important to remember is: You don't have to read everything.

Reading “Bad” Books

Between fandom wars, online drama, and ever-expanding TBR lists, reading can sometimes feel like an obligation to stay on top of rather than for fun. So what is a reader to do when it doesn't feel like it's something for them? When I get into a reading slump, I have been finding it tends to be... Continue Reading →

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