REVIEW: Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic

Thank you Annick Press for sending me an ARC in return for my honest review I normally don't read much non-fiction, but on the rare occasion a title jumps out at me. This time, a book jumped out at me because of the author. Michael McCreary and I became friends several years ago as I... Continue Reading →


Taking A Break

In case it wasn't obvious by my last blog post I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment. Both with reading and things in my personal life. It isn't fun and if anything, churning out reviews for graphic novels and trying to come up with blog posts is only stressing me out more. So... Continue Reading →


There are different kinds of slumps we can get into in our lives. Physical slumps, emotional slumps, creative slumps. They all suck and they all can be hard to get out of. What's important about slumps is not getting stuck despite our tight of a hold they may have on us. The worst thing to... Continue Reading →

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