REVIEW: Young Jedi Knights 1: Heirs of the Force

One of my favourite characters when it comes to the old Star Wars canon was always Jacen Solo, so what I've been doing is slowly collecting the now out-of-print Young Jedi Knights series that was published for the middle grade/young adult market to get more of Jacen and Jaina while also learning a little bit more about Luke's Jedi... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Most Wanted (A Solo Story)

It's not secret that I hated the latest addition to the Star Wars films. I found SOLO to be shallow and boring and - as a long time fan of all things Star Wars - inaccurate to the time line. But this isn't a review about that film. This is about Rae Carson's prequel book, Most Wanted. I bought the book before seeing... Continue Reading →

Day 3: REVIEW: Last Shot

Last Shot by Daniel José Older is one of the first Star Wars books of the year that I've been truly dying for. A pre-trilogy set story based around Han and Lando? Yes please! Older's novel jumps back and forth through time, covering not only a new heist than Han and Lando are on, but jumped back far... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Padmé Amidala

The prequel trilogy gets a lot more flack than it deserves in my opinion. No, they aren't as clear cut as the original trilogy - aka. there's a lot more political lingo rather than "those are the bad guys, shoot them" - but that doesn't make them less enjoyable. Honestly, my favourite part about the... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Leia & Amilyn

It's officially May 1st and that means it's Star Wars Month! Every day this month I'm going to talk about a different topic in the Star Wars universe and am so excited to geek out about this. To kick things off, it's only fair the first topic is the galaxy's favourite princess and general, Leia Organa (and her dear... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon

The Perfect Weapon is a short story set before Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens by Delilah S. Dawson regarding a mysterious mission given to the mercenary, Bazine Netal. It's a quick read at only 60 pages long, but is more or less enjoyable. There isn't much to say about this one to be quite honest. The Perfect Weapon is... Continue Reading →

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